Oasis and Oasis Plus Scope Transport Tray

Single-Use Rigid Containment

Lapses in the cleaning of reusable endoscope transport trays can lead to cross-contamination in the surgical work area. Bedside cleaning is performed within the Oasis Tray, keeping residual run-off contained. The Oasis Scope Transport Tray offers an economical single-use alternative that protects both patients and staff from contamination and infection. Oasis and Oasis PLUS Trays are Latex-Free.

Oasis® PLUS Scope Transport Tray

All the benefits of the Oasis Transport Tray now available in a larger size without the cleaning solution reservoir.

Oasis® Scope Transport Tray

Rigid construction protects delicate scopes, while the reversible lid clearly differentiates clean and soiled scopes. Oasis Trays have a unique built-in 500 ml cleaning solution reservoir for post-procedure suctioning
and flushing.

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