Herzog Surgical Products that we offer include: Surgical Instruments  •  Surgical Devices  •   Topical Skin Adhesive  •   Surgical Lighting & Headlights  •  Vascular Dopplers  •   Surgical Instrument Trays  •   Endoscopy and GI 


Herzog Surgical Repairs that we offer include:  Surgical Instrument Repairs  •  Flexible Scope Repairs  •   Rigid Scope Repairs  •  Power Equipment Repairs  •  Lightsource and Headlight Repairs  •   Stainless Steel Equipment Repairs  •  Case Cart Repairs


Services that we offer include:  Laser Engraving (QR code, Datamatrix, Barcode)  •  Surgical Instrument: Color Coding & Laser Engraving  •  Powder Color Coding  •   Autoclave Maintenance  •  Onsite and Mobile Services  •  Blade and Scissor Sharpening  •  Special Projects  •  plus more!