Happy 40th Anniversary Margi & John – Stephany Hammer

I’ve thought so long and hard about this email. I would love to come up with something funny that all would remember, there are those times and times that we should not talk about as well. Haha!! I would like to Thank John and Margi for bringing me on board to a very special opportunity it was a great 11+ year run. I remember going through our initial training class with John, Bruce, Tom, and myself. Dennis and Larry manning the ship.

Little Jeff would stop by the office on his way home from school. How John would come up with contests to incentivize us was brilliant. And as competitive as we all were no one could ever catch me. Haha! Oh and the help each and everyone would give you when working on a big order. Dennis and Larry’s expertise were second to none. If I could have had John in the field with me each and every day the numbers would have been staggering. I want to thank each and every employee, then and now of Herzog Surgical in making this company what it is today. John and Margi you are loved by all of your teams over the years. 

Congratulations on 40 years !!!!

Brent R. Partridge

Congratulations and well deserved what an accomplishment and success story!   You asked if we would willing to share some stories so I thought since I have been associated with Herzog on and off since the early 90’s….thought I would share a few memories…please free to use if you would like:

Congratulations to Herzog Surgical what a success story and amazing accomplishment.  Having said that, I too have fond memories of my first introduction to the Herzog Surgical family.  In the early 90’s I became one of their Sales Managers (manufacturer) for a product line they were representing at the time. 

When I first met John I was so impressed with his demeanor, honesty and most of all his integrity which was clearly exemplified throughout the company.  Additionally, I had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented reps (Eric, Bruce, Tom, Brent, and of course Jeff) during those early years as Herzog Surgical continued to grow.  We had some great sales meetings throughout those years such as Hawaii as well as others and John being the stellar host always made sure everyone was having a good time and well taken care of…the consummate professional.

Fast forward 30 years and I  once again have the privilege and pleasure of working with this dynamic team in a similar capacity with another manufacturer.  The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree as this current group of sales talent continues to echo many of the strengths of the past.    With that said, it has been a pleasure and honor to work with this talented organization and I wish you another 40 years of success!


Best regards,
Derek B Mulder


Taking a moment to throw a huge congratulations your way. Your business-40 years!  I’m sure you are so proud. Congratulations to you, your family, and the staff”s you’ve had over your 40. I am biased, but so proud to be part of your team. The awesome people that make up Herzog, the awesome people that have made up Herzog, and the incredible people that will continue to make Herzog Surgical-Wow!

Your story and how you got this thing going is always amazing to hear. I’ve always been impressed how Herzog has adapted and adjusted to all the outside challenges that are presented. Heck, when I started there were no cell phonesemail, or Internet— I was mailed yellow invoice copies to see what orders were recently shipped. I had no idea what a ‘genesiscontainer‘ was before I was hired….!

Barb and I were at your 10th anniversary, and I remember some college kid named Jeff flipping burgers before we went down the river (or after)…
I sure miss John’s presence, friendship and participation at our meetings in recent years. But Jeff has persevered- leading an incredible crew on ward, and being the leader we need.

Personally, Herzog Surgical has always been my second family. When I think of Herzog I look at it as the means that has allowed Barb and I to raise our kids. My first day (July ’88) we had a little girl, and Barb was 8 days from delivering Alex (I still remember feeling horrible calling John to kindly ask if I could take a day to go to the hospital when Barb goes in labor…) My kids, still talk fondly of the company picnics we drove up to at the state fair grounds, and the water park they enjoyed.

So, so many incredible memories. I always feel indebted. I am so fortunate that our paths crossed, and have such respect.

Again. Congratulations–wish I could give you all hugs…but you don’t want my germs……

Jim Everett

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