Herzog Surgical is pleased to now offer pre-COVID-19 pricing for Face Shields.

We value the need for cost savings now more than ever. 

Neck drape for extended coverage will be available July 1 (appx 50 cent premium). 

More information: https://herzogsurgical.com/product/clinical-face-shield/

We are also going to try to help with a Nasopharyngeal Swab Alternative coming in Early June with a lower price point than currently available.

We CAN accept pre-orders. Orders are being filled, first come first serve and thousands have already been ordered. 

Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Swabs:

  • High surface area capture the maximum amount of mucus and saliva
  • No bonding to swabbed body fluids
  • Validated sterile, clean swab surfaces
  • Thin, high-flexibility handles for Nasopharyngeal Swabs
  • Robust, accurate handles for Oropharyngeal Swabs

Initial Delivery timing will be based on committed purchase volume for 1-3 months. Please contact your Herzog Surgical at 800.637.1288 or sales@herzogsurgical.com to order or for more information.