20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System

The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System with disposable probe provides
immediate identification and evaluation of blood flows intraoperatively.

The essential and cost effective intraoperative microvascular instrument that provides you with the sound information you need.

The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System was specifically designed for use by surgeons who have a need to interrogate the microvascular vessels. This audio blood flow detector allows for real-time, intraoperative assessment of vessels in a wide variety of surgical specialties.

The System is ideal for intraoperative use in neurosurgical procedures. Combining a miniature probe tip with a high operating frequency, the system emits a tightly focused signal with a shallow depth of signal penetration, imparting a level of precision essential for the neurosurgeon. The sterile– out-of-the-package, single-use probes — optimize patient safety and eliminate probe failure due to reprocessing.

Surgical Specialties

  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Urological Surgery

Catalog #
108400-AC 20 MHz Microvascular Intraoperative Doppler Transceiver
108110-Supply Power Supply
108110-US Hospital Grade Power Cord
108200 20 MHz Doppler Probe, Straight, Sterile, Disposable (Box of 4)
102802 20 MHz Doppler Probe, Curved, Sterile, Disposable (Box of 4)
108660 20 MHz Doppler Probe, Bayonet, Slim, Sterile, Disposable (Box of 4)
108610 20 MHz Doppler Probe, Bayonet, Sterile, Disposable (Box of 4)
108665 20 MHz Doppler Probe, Mini Bayonet, Slim Sterile, Disposable (Box of 4

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