8 MHz TQI Doppler System

A Reliable, Cost Effective Doppler For Your Surgical Needs

The VTI 8MHz TQI Doppler System, with its disposable probes, provides a sound solution for transcutaneous and invasive applications

  • Eliminates probe failure due to reprocessing
  • Disposable probes optimize safety & efficiency
  • Multi-functional Doppler system for intraoprative and transcutaneous evaluation of blood flow
  • Provides real-time evaluation of vasculature
  • Economical & easy to use
  • Complies with regulatory acoustical power limits for intraoperative and transcutaneous use

Catalog #
108800                     8 MHz TQI Doppler System
108280                     8 MHz Disposable Doppler Probe (Box of 4)
108110-SUPPLY   Power Supply
108110-US              Hospital Grade Power Cord

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