The sigmoidoscope and anoscope kits are single-use, 100% latex- free, require no filter, and eliminate the expense associated and complexity of cleaning. The single-use Lighted Sigmoidoscope Kit is ideal for Gastroenterology sigmoidoscopy procedures, commonly used for visual through the sigmoid colon, for locating ulcers, abnormal cells, polyps, and cancer.  This procedure calls for equipment that is safe, comfortable, lighted and disposable. It helps save time and eliminate the risk of cross contamination too!

• Patient safe

•Cost effective

•Fewer components

•LED light lasts 20+ hours

•Minimizes patient discomfort

•Designed to minimize tissue damage

•Eliminates the risk for cross contamination

Sterile or Non-Sterile Sterile
Size 25cm
Kit Components 1 Lighted Scope Recto Maxi
1 Bulb & Bladder
1 Procto Swab 16 1/2″
Disposable or Reusable Disposable/ Single use


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