C-Clear Scope Cleaner

Creating the ability to have clear visualization at all times during laparoscopic surgery.

The ability to perform laparoscopic surgery safely and effectively depends on clear visualization of the operative field and having uninterrupted progression of the procedure.

The C-Clear product CCLC includes the CCBF14-5 5 mm baton and the CCBF14-10 10 mm baton. The batons are used during procedures with trocars in conjunction with scopes to remove debris from the lens of the scope. Insert either baton in the appropriate sized trocar until the distal end of the baton is visible. Allow the baton foam end to protrude threw the distal end of the trocar. Position the lens of the scope so the lens can be cleaned by pressing the lens against the foam of the baton. The baton can be rotated while in the trocar facilitating the cleaning of the scope lens. Do not release the baton while it is inserted into the trocar port. This allows for keeping the scope in cavity, eliminating interruptions for scope cleaning.


– Keeping scope in cavity atmosphere eliminates the need for any anti-fogging remedies.
– Maintaining Surgeon’s orientation within the surgical field while cleaning the scope lens.


This all adds up to faster OR time, increased productivity and lower OR time costs.
The C-Clear system can be used in general, bariatric, single-port and robot assisted laparoscopic procedures.

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