Dermatomes and Blades

Cordless Dermatomes and Blades compatible with Aesculap, Padgett & Zimmer.

The D80 and D42 dermatomes can harvest skin grafts with widths of 80 mm and 42 mm respectively. Both dermatomes are cordless, battery operated and come with enough power to smoothly harvest skin tissue. The larger D80 dermatome is a general-purpose dermatome and an excellent choice when large skin grafts needs to be harvested. The D42 was made to be paired with the MEEK technique during which skin grafts of 42 mm × 42 mm (1.65” × 1.65”) are needed. Incidentally due to its smaller size, the D42 dermatome can more easily harvest skin grafts from harder to reach donor sites. Disposable blades for both the D80 and D42 dermatomes ensure you’ll never have to worry about dull blades.   Additionally, Humeca supplies dermatome blades compatible with the following dermatomes: •Acculan® 3Ti dermatome •Padgett® B, C and S dermatomes •Zimmer® 8801 and 8821 dermatomes


D80 and D42 dermatomes

•Powerful Li-ion batteries ensure no cords will get inyour way during use.

•Smooth harvesting due to blade movement reaching 7000 strokes per minute (unloaded).

•Width reducing clamps to tailor the harvestedwidth of the skin graft.

•Depth setting easily adjustable and securely locksin place.

•User-friendly design to safely and quickly swap disposable blades.



D42 [lxwxh]: 50 x 18.8 x 0.38 mm

(1.97” x 0.74” x 0.015”)

D80 [lxwxh]: 90 x 18.8 x 0.38 mm

(3.54” x 0.74” x 0.015”)

•Stainless steel

•Symmetric design, double facet grinded blades

•Individually sterile packed in peel pouch.

Blades for non-Humeca Dermatomes

•Stainless steel

•Individually sterile packed in peel pouch

•Humeca dermatome blades for Aesculap® / Acculan® are compatible with the Acculan® 3Ti dermatome. Equivalent Aesculap® blade part number GB228R.

•Humeca dermatome blades for Padgett® arecompatible with the Padgett® B, C and S dermatome. Equivalent Padgett® blade part number3539252.

•Humeca dermatome blades for Zimmer® arecompatible with the Zimmer® 8801 and 8821 dermatome. Equivalent Zimmer® blade part number00-8800-000-10.

•Dimensions [lxwxh]:

Aesculap® / Acculan®: 81 x 18.8 x 0.4 mm

(3.19” x 0.74” x 0.016”)

Padgett®: 111 x 32.5 x 1.44 mm

(4.37” x 1.28” x 0.06”)

Zimmer®: 106 x 32.2 x 1.9 mm

(4.17” x 1.27” x 0.07”)

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