Endoscopy Custom Basic Needs Kit

Custom Basic Needs Kit

Build your custom kit with Cygnus premium products and essential procedural items. The Endoscopy Basic Needs Kit brings you the lean benefits of standardization, reduced product handling and one-catalog-number convenience.

Cygnus Medical Custom Basic Needs Kits are built just the way you want them, with only the products you specify. Building routine items into custom endoscopy kits with one catalog number reduces the number of supply touch points for better supply efficiency.

Endoscope Transport | Options

Bedside Cleaning | Options

  • First Step™ Bedside Kit | Ready-to-Use 200 ml with a Krinkle™ Cleaning Pad
  • First Step™ Bedside Kit | Ready-to-Use 200 ml with Gemini Twin Cleaning Pads
  • First Step™ Bedside Kit | Add Water 500 ml with an Endoscopic Cleaning Pad
  • Draco™ Deep-Cleaning Pad
  • Tubular Enzymatic Cleaning Pad
  • Gemini™ Twin Enzymatic Cleaning Pads
  • Polypropylene Bowl

Procedural Products | Options

  • Absorbent Pad
  • Lubricating Jelly | Foil Packet
  • Lubricating Jelly | Tube
  • Suction Tubing
  • Bite Block with Strap
  • Gauze Pads

Manual Cleaning/Decontamination | Options

  • Endopack™ Kits – 3 Gallon & 5 Gallon
  • Single-Use Disposable Channel Brushes
  • Dragontail™ Microfiber Channel Brushes
  • Caterpillar™ Polyolefin Channel Brushes


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