Exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive

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  • Simple Concept: Tighten the pre-assembled applicator tip and begin to express adhesive
  • Apply as much or as little adhesive as needed. Apply a single coat or multiple coats. It’s all at the discretion of the provider. No matter how it is applied, you will get the same great results each and every time!


  • 1ml tube fill offers users the highest volume per device available on the market today
  • 25% more adhesive than the largest tissue adhesive available
  • 43% more adhesive than Dermabond Advanced®
  • 150% more than Dermabond® Mini or Skin Affix®
  • Decreases unit volume, thus adding cost savings per procedure

Topical Skin Adhesive


  • Fastest polymerizing 2-octyl topical adhesive on the market today*
  • So fast, you can actually see the glue “dry” before your eyes
  • Average set times are less than 40 seconds


  • 2-Octyl formulation is proven to be the strongest and most flexible adhesive available**
  • Provides a microbial barrier creating a protective barrier against clinically relevant pathogens, including MRSA†
  • Added flexibility allows the adhesive to remain intact for 7 – 10 days
  • The high viscosity formulation (highest in the industry*) is intended to reduce the risk of adhesive migration away from the wound site


  • Soft and flexible applicator glides across uneven surfaces while the soft bristles ensure the adhesive creates a solid seal on skin
  • Transparent tip allows user to see the adhesive prior to expression, therefore eliminating the “surprise” of too much glue being dispensed all at once

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