Instrument Tracking Software

INTEGRAlink Asset Management Services

Utilizing Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)?
• Allow us to provide an in-depth analysis of your
instrument needs based on a caseload analysis,
future requirements for OR expansion, surgery center
requirements, and case cart conversion.
Inventory Management Issues?
• We will make recommendations for set streamlining, set
standardization, instrument/equipment needs, and the
identification of broken and/or obsolete instrumentation.
Need a Sterile Processing Department (SPD) Assessment?
• Our Consultants will help you identify opportunities for
improvement in sterile processing, instrument care and


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Services To Meet Your Specific Needs
Through our IntegraLink® Asset Management Services portfolio, Integra offers a host of value-added services. The Integra goal
to help all of our customers “Limit Uncertainty” extends throughout all of our value-added services. Integra offers consulting
services to Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers needing assistance with clinical, financial, and operational challenges in
the operating room and with sterile processing. Integra’s IntegraLink® Asset Management Services Consultants can help you
with case cart planning, instrument inventories, instrument/equipment needs assessment, backup inventory optimization,
sterile container analysis, staff training, process flow recommendations, and much more.