DUO LED Surgical Headlight System

• Whiter Light: Enables truer natural appearance of tissue with pure, white LED light.
• Greater Color Consistency: Allows for critical differentiation of tissues even at periphery of light field.
• Greater Brightness Consistency: Reduces light fall-off and preserves anatomic visualization.
• Larger Beam: Provides full, effective illumination of surgical field.
• Ergonomic Headband Design: Exerts less force on sensitive cranial pressure points.
• Cranial Cushion™ Technology: Dual-layer padding provides optimized air flow and balanced weight distribution.
• Conforming Occipital Architecture: Customized fit for individual surgeon preferences.


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Category:Integra® LED & Accessories
Country of Origin:Made in Canada
Franchise:Surgical Lighting
Item Type:Headlights