KN-95 Disposable Face Mask

  • 100/box
  • Elastic Ear loops
  • Malleable nose bridge
  • Ideal as a protective mask
    • work place
    • stores
    • offices
    • dental, nail salons
  • perfect when social distancing is not possible
  • Safe & secure KN-95

List Price: $274.29/box ($2.74 each)

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Offering several version of disposable face masks. With all of the new guidelines requiring masks, we have decided to offer multiple versions for many different PPE applications. The 3 ply and KN-95 Disposable Face Mask do offer a level of protection from common airborne vapors and allergens. The masks we are offering are designed for general use and can be worn in public environments. If a mask is required to enter a facility these disposable masks will do the job. Great for work places where social distancing is not optimal.