Mesher and V-Carriers


• Lightweight anodized aluminum machine
• Integrated blades and axle
• 50 parallel circular blades
• Spring construction to assure pressure on skin during meshing
• 2 configurations available; V10 and V15
• V10 version compatible with Zimmer® Dermacarrier II
• V15 version compatible with Aesculap®/B. Braun® carrier
• Continuous rotational drive
• Cutting axle can easily be replaced
• Sterilization case from stainless steel with silicone parts
available designed for the Humeca Mesher for cleaning
and sterilization
• Dimensions: lxwxh: 220x212x183 mm (8.7×8.3×7.2”)
• Weight: 4.4 kg (9.7 lb)

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