Microfiber Endoscopic Channel Brush

Advanced microfiber technology removes contamination at a microscopic level. The Dragontail cleaning element is constructed of microfiber strands that are able to capture particles at a 4 micron level. Unlike bristles or silicone discs, which glide over adhered contamination, the microfiber cleaning element detaches, captures, and removes gross contamination. In a comparative study, under identical conditions, the Dragontail Channel Brush cleaned 468 times more contamination than a traditional style channel brush.
Dragontail Patent # 9296024


DT2022Dragontail Channel Brush110 cm2.0 – 2.2100 Brushes
DT2832Dragontail Channel Brush230 cm2.8 – 3.2100 Brushes
DT3542Dragontail Channel Brush230 cm3.5 – 4.2100 Brushes