Nanova Vas-Q-Clip

Vas-Q-Clip Brochure PDF

Featuring Patented Tissue-Locking Technology

Vas-Q-Clips® proprietary inner surface design provides greater teeth surface coverage, inhibits post-operative migration, and increases vessel occlusion.

Better By Design

Proprietary anti-migration protrusions provide strong migration resistance reducing the likelihood of post-op clip migration

Tissue Locking Technology

Our teeth help form a tissue-knot, & this is what we call our Tissue-Locking Technology. The body uses its own anatomical features to reinforce the clip in its own position inhibiting migration along the vessel.

Zero Learning Curve

Surgeons can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the performance of Vas-Q-Clips right away. There are no procedural changes when switching from other non-absorbable polymer ligation clips.

Secure Loading

Clip bosses and optimized cartridge design provides highly successful loading rates. This prevents common surgical issues including slippage, false closure, and breakage.

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