Plasma-Cel Instrument Guards

Protect surgical instruments during sterilization with Plasma-Cel Instrument Guards

Plasma-Cel cushioning foam was designed specifically to protect heat and moisture sensitive instruments during Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization. Used as a tray liner, Plasma-Cel provides cushioning and prevents groups of instruments from shifting and sliding which leads to instrument damage. Plasma-Cel can also isolate delicate surgical instruments and protect them from larger heavier instruments and instrument stringers. Plasma-Cel is not compatible with steam sterilization. See Steri-Cel for ETO and steam sterilization protection.


PC4600Plasma-Cel Roll (1/8”)12” x 72”12
PC4614Plasma-Cel Roll (1/4”)12” x 72”8
PC4800Plasma-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12” x 10”150
PC4850Plasma-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12” x 16”75
PC4880Plasma-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12” x 20”75
PC5200Plasma-Cel Short Pocket with Belts11” x 15 1/2”50
PC5500Plasma-Cel Deep Pocket Multi-Pouch13” x 17”50
PC6200Plasma-Cel Rigid Scope Pouch20”150
PC6250Plasma-Cel Small Single Pouch2 1/4” x 7 1/2”400
PC6210Plasma-Cel Large Single Pouch4” x 7”200
PC6318Plasma-Cel Small Flared Scope Pouch (1/8”)15”200
PC6314Plasma-Cel Small Flared Scope Pouch (1/4”)15”100
PC6218Plasma-Cel Large Flared Scope Pouch (1/8”)17”150
PC6214Plasma-Cel Large Flared Scope Pouch (1/4”)17”75
PC6270Plasma-Cel Camera/Fiber-Optic Cable Pouch9 1/2” x 10”50