Ronin Surgical X6 Headlight

The most POWERFUL and LIGHTEST headlight on the market.

  • 10 power levels allow you to choose between maximum light or maximum battery life Adjustable spot offers the largest viewing area of any light on the market
  • Light can be used in conjunction with loupes and face shields
  • Charge two batteries sequentially plus power personal devices from built in ports Haptic, auditory, and visual indicators alert when batteries need to be changed Redesigned case allows for transport of light, charger, loupes, and up to four batteries


  • 350,000 Lux, and no hotspot
  • 1. 7oz Luminaire, 6.2oz total
  • 5:45 minute runtime at peak intensity 5.6″ to 1.5″ spot diameter
  • Four point enhanced articulation Dual-bay charging
  • Intelligent feedback
  • Travel Case

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