ROSI Remotely Operated Suction Irrigation System

ROSI is a major breakthrough in suction and irrigation technology that puts robotic surgeons in total control.

You decide who

  • ROSI reduces dependence on the bedside assistant. Equipped with two foot switches, ROSI lets the surgeon decide who controls suction and irrigation.

You decide where

  • ROSI’s flexibility lets surgeons apply suction and irrigation with greater precision. It can be dropped anywhere into the surgical field – including sites a rigid tool simply cannot reach.

You decide when

  • ROSI puts the surgeon in total control, providing precise, finely-directed suction and irrigation exactly when it is desired.

You decide how

  • ROSI is compatible with both laparoscopic and robot-assisted devices. It works the way today’s surgeons work.

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ROSI’s innovative design and engineering

ROSI is specifically built for the specialized needs of robotic surgeons. Its flexibility and long working length improve access throughout the surgical field, and provides greater range of motion and optimal angulation.

Technical details:

  • Working length: 24 inches
  • Tip diameter: Fits through a 5mm port
  • Two foot switches

Engineered for reliable performance:

Unlike traditional instruments, ROSI’s unique design eliminates restrictive valve mechanisms, delivering both optimal results and reducing the chance of clogging.

Reduce waste:

Unlike traditional laparoscopic suction and irrigation instrumentation, only ROSI’s tubing set needs to be discarded after a procedure.

ROSI in Action

Robotic surgery demands precision and control. See how ROSI gives surgeons total control of suction and irrigation in robot-assisted procedures.

Effective suction and irrigation:

Watch Dr. Michael Zervos demonstrate ROSI during a Thoracic procedure.


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