Steri-Cel Instrument Protection

Guard delicate surgical instruments during ETO and Steam Sterilization

Protect delicate instruments during sterilization with Steri-Cel Instrument Protectors. Steri-Cel Tray Liners and Pouches protect delicate instruments during sterilization and transport to the Operating Room. Constructed with firm hydrophobic foam, Steri-Cel Liners and Pouches separate instruments from residual moisture and condensation. Available in a broad range of sizes and shapes, Steri-Cel Foam prevents damage caused by shifting and impact during handling. Steri-Cel can be used with ETO and steam sterilization.


SC4600Steri-Cel Roll (1/8″ thick)12″ x 105″12
SC4800Steri-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12″ x 10″150
SC4850Steri-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12″ x 16″75
SC4880Steri-Cel Pre-Cut Sheet12″ x 20″75
SC4900Steri-Cel Pocket Liner13″ x 20″50
SC5200Steri-Cel Short Pocket with Belts11″ x 15 1/2″50
SC5500Steri-Cel Deep Pocket Multi-Pouch13″ x 17″50
SC5700Steri-Cel Chisel/Osteotome Pouch13″ x 17″50
SC6200Steri-Cel Rigid Scope Pouch20″150
SC6210Steri-Cel Large Single Pouch with Flap4″ x 7″200
SC3500Steri-Cel Small Instrument Organizer6″ x 1″300
SC3525Steri-Cel Medium Instrument Organizer8″ x 1″100
SC3550Steri-Cel Large Instrument Organizer10″ x 1″175
SC6250Steri-Cel Small Single Pouch2 1/4″ x 7 1/2″400
SC6270Steri-Cel Camera/Fiber Optic Cable Pouch9 1/2″ x 10″50
SC6314Steri-Cel Small Flared Scope Pouch (1/4″)15″100
SC6214Steri-Cel Large Flared Scope Pouch (1/4″)17″75
SC6450Steri-Cel Envelope Pouch12″ x 5″75
SC7348Steri-Cel Basin Liner3″ x 48″200
TP10Small Instrument Tip Guard3/4″ x 1/2″200
TP20Medium Instrument Tip Guard2″ x 1″200
TP40Large Instrument Tip Guard2 1/4″ x 1 7/8″200