Volunteering at Medical Ministries International

Herzog Surgical’s Territory Sales Manager, Phil Keese volunteers at Medical Ministries International. Take a look at his experience and the great work Medical Ministries International is doing:

“Medical Ministries International takes donations from hospitals and the like and fills requests worldwide including building a medical clinic and church in Verakabikabi Solomon islands.  

With COVID-19 in play, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as surgical masks, gowns gloves and face shields are in high demand.  Two of my hospitals that regularly donate to Medical Ministries International found themselves in need.

While I was there, we were able to sort through all the donations and were able to load up 3 pallets full of PPE to local hospitals with need requests.

Their warehouse is about the size of three Costcos.  To give you an idea of the positive impact Medical Ministries International has to offer. They have sent over 50 containers to 23 different countries, with each container contents valuing around $500,000 each. 

This represents 900 tons of materials sent overseas benefiting medical projects in need that would otherwise have been added to our local landfills.”

Phil with Medical Ministries founder, Thomas Stoeckel


For more information about Medical Ministries, to volunteer, or donate surgical and hospitals supplies in the Central Valley area, please contact Medical Ministries International or visit their website www.medministries.org